Dear Student

I Hope by now you have all settled into your study year. It is always a blessing to see and meet the new students. I pray that you are as excited as we are for your journey ahead.

I am writing this letter to inform you that after discussions with all relevant parties, it has been decided to obtain our own affiliation and membership to a legal body. The main reason for this was the growth of our University and the needs of our students.

We have worked with Trinity International Bible University for the past 4 years and we thank them for the opportunity we had to work with them.

We have been accepted and approved by the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (A.I.C.C.S) and have been granted all rights, honors, privileges and responsibilities pertaining to this with Official Membership Certificate Number 344I23M.

The following will happen due to this change:


President: Dr Sandy Peasnell

Dean: Pst. Brandon Parkin

Vice-Dean: Dr Dylene Parkin

Lecturer: Dr Heidi Blain


All Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees etc will now be issued by Christian Academy PE and will include all Membership Details.


We have received many new Modules from A.I.C.C.S, but have decided to keep our curriculum the same. It might change in the future, but certainly not in the foreseeable future.